Money in Politics

In 2010, the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case changed the landscape of American politics. The decision opened the door for Super PACs and groups claiming 501(c) tax-exempt status to spend unlimited contributions from millionaires, billionaires, corporations and special interest groups seeking to influence federal elections and government decisions.

The country is faced today with a corrupt campaign finance system. A small donor revolution in American politics is essential to restore the integrity and health of our political system and to restore citizens to their rightful and preeminent place in our democracy.


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How Chief Justice Roberts and Four Supreme Court Colleagues Gave the Nation a System of Legalized Bribery

Fred Wertheimer for Huffington Post The Supreme Court began its fall term this week. This seems like a good time to pause for a moment and revisit how decisions by Chief Justice John Roberts and four of his Supreme Court colleagues during the past five years have given the nation a system of legalized bribery. …

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Fred Wertheimer for Huffington Post: “National Political Parties Walk Away From Ordinary Americans to Chase Super Rich for Million Dollar Donations”

  An article published yesterday by The Washington Post, revealed that the Democratic and Republican national parties have set up programs to seek contributions of $1 million or more for the 2016 election. The Democratic and Republican national parties have now joined the 2016 presidential candidates as supplicants chasing the richest individuals in the United …

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Fred Wertheimer for Huffington Post: “The Koch Brothers’ Magic Trick”

In August, 2015, Charles and David Koch gathered their fellow billionaires and multimillionaires at a semi-annual meeting of the Koch network “to save” the country, in the words of Charles Koch. It was not exactly the same kind of meeting that occurred in July 1776 when the Founding Fathers gathered in Philadelphia to create a …

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Fred Wertheimer op-ed: Bush Super PAC Scheme Would Violate 2002 Campaign Finance Law

Reuters Why Jeb Bush’s super PAC plan is potentially illegal Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is preparing to push the role of the individual-candidate super PAC to new, brazen heights. The Bush campaign is reportedly planning to reverse the role of Bush’s campaign committee and the “independent” super PAC supporting him – so that the super PAC …

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