Money in Politics

In 2010, the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case changed the landscape of American politics. The decision opened the door for Super PACs and groups claiming 501(c) tax-exempt status to spend unlimited contributions from millionaires, billionaires, corporations and special interest groups seeking to influence federal elections and government decisions.

The country is faced today with a corrupt campaign finance system. A small donor revolution in American politics is essential to restore the integrity and health of our political system and to restore citizens to their rightful and preeminent place in our democracy.


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POLITICO: “5 Ways You’ll Know if Trump Is Playing by the Rules”

According to Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer: The five questions posed in this op-ed provide the basis for determining whether President-elect Trump effectively addresses his conflicts of interest and Emoluments Clause problems, or whether dangerous problems lie ahead for Trump’s presidency and the country. According to a new Quinnipiac Poll, “roughly two-thirds, 66 percent, say …

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Wertheimer for Huffington Post: Eight Lessons We’ve Learned About Money in Politics This Election

The Huffington Post Eight Lessons We’ve Learned About Money in Politics This Election By: Fred Wertheimer May 26, 2016 As we approach the end of the primary season, here are eight money-in-politics lessons we have learned midpoint in the elections. 1. The Supreme Court majority did not have a clue about what it was doing …

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Fred Wertheimer Op-ed for the Huffington Post on Fixing the Presidential Public Financing System

The Huffington Post A Cure for a Political Disaster: Fixing the Presidential Public Financing System By: Fred Wertheimer  April 20, 2016 The current system of financing presidential elections is a political disaster. And the American people are paying the price. According to Open Secrets, super PACs supporting presidential candidates have raised $416 million as of …

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