Reform groups sent a letter this morning to the Democratic Senators serving on the Senate Appropriations Committee strongly urging the Senators to oppose any effort by Senator McConnell to insert a provision that would undermine the campaign finance laws into the year-end appropriations bill or bills.

According to an article in POLITICO yesterday, “Senate Democrats are making one last try to bring their chamber’s campaign finance records into the 21st century, but their effort to attach to it a critical government funding bill will likely require them to make concessions to Republicans to succeed.”

The letter is enclosed below.

Dear Senator,

Our organizations strongly oppose the effort by Senator McConnell or any other effort by Senate Republicans to undermine the campaign finance laws by inserting a rider in the appropriations bill or bills being passed in the final days of this Congress.

As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, we strongly urge you to take all steps necessary to prevent the appropriations bill or bills from being used by Senate Republicans as a vehicle for undermining and damaging the nation’s campaign finance laws.


Campaign Legal Center

Common Cause

Democracy 21

Public Citizen