New York Times Editorial: Congress Moves on Ethics; Washington Post Editorial: The Senate tightens up on insider trading

Below are two editorials from the New York Times and Washington Post. Both editorials applaud the STOCK Act, the effort to end congressional insider trading,which passed in the Senate on Thursday. Both editorials also support the Leahy-Cornyn amendment added to the STOCK Act to close serious loopholes in the nation’s anti-corruption laws. The Leahy-Cornyn amendment has …

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Center for Public Integrity: Romney fundraiser jumps from campaign to super PAC

Below is a piece by Peter H. Stone from today’s iWatch News at the Center for Public Integrity entitled, "Romney fundraiser jumps from campaign to Super PAC." According to Democracy 21 President Fred Wertheimer: Presidential candidate Super PACs are simply a vehicle for massive circumvention of the limits on contributions to presidential candidates. Central to …

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