House Passage of the DISCLOSE Act is a great victory for the American people and the right of citizens  to know who is spending money to influence their votes.

Passage of the legislation is a major defeat for organizations who want to spend money to influence federal elections while keeping secret from the public the donors paying for these campaign expenditures

Interest groups across the spectrum lobbied intensely against the legislation and this was a very tough battle.

We congratulate all House members who voted for this important government integrity legislation and for the interests of their constituents.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Representative Chris Van Hollen deserve special recognition and praise for the outstanding leadership they provided for the passage of the DISCLOSE Act. Without their leadership, this never would have happened.

We also greatly appreciate the outstanding leadership Representative Mike Castle provided and the critical role he played in passing the DISCLOSE Act. Representative Castle has been a long-term and courageous leader in the battles to enact campaign finance reforms and other  important government integrity reform measures.

We know the battle in the Senate will also be tough but the reform groups who worked so hard to pass this legislation in the House are ready to do battle in the Senate. The interests of citizens and voters are at stake here and we intend to do everything we can to win this battle